Upper Hunter Country

Upper Hunter Country
Thursday, 24 November 2016 11:47

Michael Reid at Murrurundi

Michelle Kludas - Emerging

November - December 2016

In Michelle Kludas’ new body of work, the paintings spring to life, emerging from the darkness. The artist’s confident hand shapes each critter with a few deft gestures of a white oil bar. This under-sketch remains visible, highlighting the process which created the work and bringing a sense of speed and creative energy to the finished pieces.

Kludas’ roosters are fast becoming her most sought after work. With thick strokes of oil paint, the artist captures the unique personality of each bird – this affinity is no doubt born from a life time of raising chickens, studying their traits and knowing them as individuals. The same confident gestures are used to depict the spring-loaded energy and athleticism of Hares – a new subject matter for the artist – but no less full of the character and charm that has made the rooster pictures so appealing.

Michelle Kludas is an emerging artist, art-crafter and successful blogger, Michelle has a background in freelance photography and this is her third exhibition focusing on her practice in oil painting.

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