Upper Hunter Country

Upper Hunter Country
Monday, 22 August 2016 00:00

Eat Up! Hunter Belle Cheese

Since its inception in 2004, Hunter Belle Cheese has grown considerably, now producing around 15 tonnes of cheese each year.

Their unique handcrafted cheese are part of a select group of cheese factories referred to as "artisan", which means that the cheese is handmade with milk from one single herd of cows.

The emphasis at Hunter Belle Cheese is based on old-fashion values, and handmade natural dairy products.

The milk used to make Hunter Belle Cheese is sourced from Brown Swiss Cows found grazing the pastures of the Upper Hunter at Singleton.

Brown Swiss Cows originate from the Swiss Alps where they have been bred especially to produce milk for cheese making.

Hunter Belle was purchased by Geoff and Tania Chesworth in 2009 after they wound up their dairy farming operation in Denman.

Since purchasing Hunter Belle, Geoff and Tania have concentrated on growing sales in the local market.

In 2010 they opened the cafe where people can enjoy coffee, cake, breakfast, lunch & of course their delicious, award-winning range of cheeses.

They now also offer a range of gelato and fudge, which is all made onsite, as well as a range of gourmet produce and giftware. 

Geoff and Tania value the Upper hunter as a magnificent food and wine area and encourage you to visit their cafe and taste their cheese as well as visit the local wineries and olive estate.

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