Upper Hunter Country

Upper Hunter Country
Thursday, 23 October 2014 00:00

Scone writers' festival vows to 'maintain the page'

Organisers of the inaugural Scone Literary Long weekend say the event was such a success, they are in no doubt it will be held again next year.

Hundreds attended a range of events across the weekend, including a debate on the Future of the Printed Word and a historic walk in the footsteps of Mark Twain, who visited Scone in 1893.

Chair of the Literary Long Weekend, Anne Davies says she was blown away by the turn out.

"During the event, people kept talking about what a great community we are," she said.

"That seemed to be the word coming through, that we are all gathering to hear these authors talk and what a sense of belonging we had in the district.

"(It) was really inspiring and promising to hear, so we're on again next year for sure."

Ms Davies says she was only expecting small numbers, and was shocked to see every venue was packed with people.

"The debate at the library, the Future of the Printed Word, was just sensational.

"We had some really good ideas coming out of that, and again there was standing room only.

"All the events in town were packed to capacity we really couldn't fit any more in.

"We had the Belmore Hotel, totally full standing room only, great great numbers turning up on a long weekend."

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