Upper Hunter Country

Upper Hunter Country
Tuesday, 14 October 2014 00:00

Meet Tasmanian devil joeys at the Global Village Motorfest

The Devil Ark Advocates and three cute Tasmanian joeys will be appearing at the Global Village Motorfest from 9am – 2pm on Sunday 9th November 2014.

At the Global Village Motorfest and Fair, enjoy the cars, motorbikes, trucks, stationary motors and military vehicles. Trade and produce stalls, food and refreshments will also be available on site.

Devil Ark Advocates will also have a stall, selling Devil Ark merchandise and spreading the word about the great Tasmanian devil project in the NSW Barrington Tops.  

The conservation status for the Tasmanian devil is endangered, due to a transmissible cancer called Devil Facial Tumour Disease.  The disease has affected the wild population dramatically, with up to 90% of devils eradicated in some areas of Tasmania.

DFTD shows no signs of slowing down and with no vaccine or cure in sight, insurance breeding is recognised as the devil’s best chance of long term survival.  Devil Ark is the largest and most successful breeding facility in Australia, and home to almost 200 healthy, disease-free devils.  Devil Ark devils will repopulate Tasmania once Devil Facial Tumour Disease has run its destructive course.

For further information:
Kayla McLeod
Marketing Assistant, Devil Ark
P: (02) 4340 8611

or visit:

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