Upper Hunter Country

Upper Hunter Country
Monday, 30 July 2018 10:27

The Upper Hunter is the gateway to Barrington Tops National Park

The Upper Hunter is the gateway to Barrington Tops National Park National Parks and Wildlife Services

The Upper Hunter is home to a World Heritage listed national park, Barrington Tops, with extensive rainforests through to snow-gum woodlands, subalpine wetlands and grassy box woodlands, the area is perhaps the most diverse in New South Wales. The area extends from Towarri National Park west of Scone to Columbey National Park in the south near Clarence Town and north to Curracabundi National Park and Ben Halls Gap around Barnard River.

Some highlights include: 

  • Spectacular scenery, 24 great walks and numerous picnic and camping areas.
  • An isolated plateau - wild country offering extremes of climate, landscapes and plant and animal communities including many threatened species.
  • Two major wilderness areas (Barrington and Curracabundi).
  • The state's largest area of Antarctic Beech cool temperate rainforest.
  • The largest area of sub-alpine woodland outside the Australian Alps.
  • High altitude sphagnum moss swamps that provide the complete local pollen record back to the last Ice-Age.
  • The largest area of dry rainforest.
  • An important population of the endangered brush-tailed rock wallaby at Woko National Park.

International significance! Barrington Tops National Park is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area!

It's the world's heritage! - Listed as internationally significant by the United Nations. The Gondwana Rainforests are so fascinating, unique and precious, they are important to the world. Here's why:

  • Linking ancient fossils and present species, the Gondwana Rainforests contain relics from the great rainforests that once covered all of Australia , Antarctica and other southern lands. An outstanding record of flowering plants, songbirds and other rare or threatened animals belonging to ancient lineages.
  • A place of spectacular geology - striking vertical cliffs, the world's best-preserved erosion caldera, wild rivers and many impressive high waterfalls evidence the Earth's geological evolution.
  • A rich diversity of plants and animals, it's habitats for the conservation of biodiversity in the world. Over 57 of these rare species occur in the Barrington Tops area.
  • A Place for all people - settings for recreation and tourism that are outstanding and increasingly rare by world standards, on the doorstep of Australia's fastest growing areas.

For National Parks enquiries:

Scone NPWS Office - (02) 6545 1128 or Gloucester NPWS Office - (02) 6538 5300

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