Upper Hunter Country

9 Jul - ADFAS Lecture 'Heaven's Embroidered Cloth - History & Development of Imperial Chinese Silk'

When: 09 July 2019, 6.30pm 

Where: Scone Arts & Crafts Hall, Scone

The Lecture: Initial consideration focuses on the period of Neolithic times (4000BC) through to the Ming Dynasty in 1368 and traces the establishment of Imperial Weaving and Embroidery Workshops producing regulated Court Costume and decorative textiles for Imperial Palaces. The technological and artistic skills required for this “industry” to flourish will be explored as will the relationship of the Imperial Workshops with commercial weavers and embroiderers.

Particular focus will be given to the development within the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties regarding the Imperial Workshops that were producing an ever-increasing range of silk fabrics and in the role of commercial workshops in supporting Imperial, domestic and export demand.

The lecture is illustrated with fabrics, costumes and decorative textiles which represent the pinnacle of the weavers and embroiderers art and expertise.

The Lecturer: David Rosier is a chartered insurer by profession and a Fellow of the Assurance Medical Society, with extensive international experience as an author and lecturer in Medical Risk Assessment. Whilst living in Hong Kong (1991-2004) he assembled a collection of approximately 700, predominantly Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Imperial and related textiles/costume and dress accessories. David is a Past Committee member of the Hong Kong Textile Society and a frequent speaker on Chinese Imperial Insignia of Rank, Court Costume and Dress Accessories plus the Structure and Mechanics of the Imperial Government and the Emperors of the Qing Dynasty.